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Monday, March 7, 2011

Yes or No?

It's been while. Suppp? Lol.
Kinda busy these days. Thinking bout stuff all day long.
I wonder why. Why is this world so unfair and why isn't she showing me any reaction. Ah. Maybe I'm the one which is not taking action or perhaps it's not the right time yet? only god knows. We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
Although yes it's true. We can't really expect everyone to be perfect. How nice sweet good are you. There's surely weaknesses in you yourself!
"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control." From the day I met you. It's like I saw you somewhere before too. Like you said to me that time. All this while, I don't know what am I to you. You will always look for me if you're sad or down. You told me you appreciate me when you needed someone. You said I cheered you up whenever you're down. You'll always feel better after talking to me. I wanted to tell you this but I guess I have to let God to show you if you read my blog. (;
Had the precious and wonderful moment with you in the Hotel. (:
you're so cute when you're asleep. =D
You're like an earthworm you know.? -.-" Keep on twist and turn. I have to like cover you with the blanket for like "zillions' times. LOL. The moment you smile and look at me. I was like stunted. Oh no what have I done. Haha. I'm so afraid that you'll mind that I hug you and took care of you.
After you're awake I suffered a bad bad bad headache and neckache. Lol. Told me that you're not tired but then slept again till the next morning.
We should go for it when it's impossible.Omg, I'm nowhere now with no directions. Can anyone help me out here? Lol. I'm always the one that gives people benefits but neglected myself.
Sigh. What on earth should I call myself?
From now on, I'll dream big and do whatever is necessary. Forget bout all this shits.
I dunno what should I do now. Should I look for her tonight and tell her? Tell her that I love her? Or should I not? Or is it too soon? I just got to know her two months.
I can't make any freaking decisions. Argh.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Was Wrong And I'm Back. (:

I'm back. (:
Sorry for not updating my blog. Was kinda busy with outings and works.
I'm seriously wanan get out of this lifeless life. Omg. I feel so dead and sick now.
I'mma get my freaking license this two weeks. No more hanging around or fooling around. (;

Seriously, People still thinks I'm so into her and telling me stuff to make me jealous. Omg. Please? I got over you and it's over. Now, I'm in love again. (:
I seriously hope that this time it wouldn't spoil and ruin my career. I'm kinda like fail in "LOVE" but I'm good in relationships. Don't even know whether it's related anot. Haha.
Nowadays, You've been busy working. I miss you so much la like seriously.
The moment I'm about to do something, you're the first thing I thought of. (: I mean it. And I'm not trying to pretend or fake anything.
Oh yeah. Bloody chicken god Zi Hao. You wait I'm being very patient with you. Everytime oso like that one. Argh. Pist pist pist. Don't wanna talk bout it anymore. But dota let me kill. Haha. Sad thing.
My dad's like nagging at me bout my college and license stuff. DAMN! It's annoying.
I'm so tired in relationships ard. Neither to let go? Or to go for it and make things go with the flow. I'm not gonna rush things up like last time. How clumsy. -.-
And It's been a long time since I exercise or do sports. LOL!
I'mma play for a team name TOP-2 next saturday for a tournament. Hope I still got my skills.(:
I will give it all and beat you OPPONENT! Watch and learn! Guys if anyone's playing football or having friendly. Please kindly call me up.
Anyway. I hope things going smooth as it use to be. I'mma go and make license with Zi Hao later.
Ciao peepz.

-| CherRy |-

Arthur. (;

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lucky Day. (;

Everyone say hey say yo say haha. Lol. What talking me?
Well, I won 30bucks today just only for two freaking game for lucky.
Am I PRO or just LUCK? haha.
Omg, Don't go top two without sweater or jacket. You can cold to death there. So amny freaking air-cond.-.-
Gamble gamble gamble. Not a good habit!
Better stop before it's too late. Birthday birthday is coming soon. Can't wait for that day to come! Hope you'll wish me and be there for me. );
Seriously. I've been living a meaningless shit life. I live because of you. Sigh. Trying my best to motivate myself and stuff. It seems like you dun give a damn or even care.
It's okay. I heard from your friends. You've been acting like a bossy prefect in school and stuff. Is it true? Never know you change so much. Thought you were friendly and stuff. Never knew you were this kind of girl. You broke my heart. YES. You Lied to me! YES. You even won the freaking game. Good for you. But it's okay. I'm not pist or hate you. Just wanna care and give you the best I can give you.
I gtg now.
Take care guys!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vampire Life.

Sorry for the late update! Well, kinda busy nowadays. Don't even have enough time to sleep!
Cant blog much nowadays. There really no time at all. Sad to say I'm gonna start work soon and live a college life. Got no idea yet to enter which college. -.-
Had a great talk with Abiel and Puven last two days at Abiel's place. (;
I'm sorry guys if I went over the broad. I'm apologising sincerely here if you're reading this. A true friend scolds like a dad, cares like a mom, teases like a sister, irritates like a brother & finally loves u more than a lover.
Love is love. There's no theory or calculation or scientific reasoning to explain why we experience it. Thats the best damn thing we've got!f relationship becomes painful, let it go & save yourself. Remember: you will be able to find new love but never another self. My mind is full with Love and relationships problem now. Sigh, I'm reading all kinds of article to get to know more and understand what is love all about and stuff.Whenever someone judges u by your actions, rubs in your negativities.. know urself the best. People don’t tell u who u are, u tell them!
The best date is with someone who can take you anywhere without touching anything but your heart.
You can always crave for anyone, but there will always be that special someone that is enough for you to forget the rest.
Waiting is the most important thing that we can do for the one we love. But remember: as it goes, it can also change your mind like what I'm doing now. Who knows? Maybe one day your true love appear suddenly? Love is blind!Live your life & love every second of it. It does have the rough times, but you gotta learn to get through them. Be who you are! Don't turn yourself into worse person but a better person!
Life Rules: If u dont go & step after what u want, u'll never have it & always on the same place. If u dont ask, the answer will always NO.
You can't change what's past. But you can always do better today and have a brighter tomorrow.
Differences between girls & boys:: Girls have a bad habit of holding on for too long. Boys have a bad habit of letting go too easily. Is this true?-.-
For me I think No!Girls are stronger than guys now. Nowadays world really is changing!
Well, I got to know one good fren! Just only knew him and we get kinda close and get to know each other's problem and thoughts. Played two games of snooker and lost to him 2 games both games lose 20points. SAD! I was leading and I lost!-.-
Yesterday played lucky and gameble all the way and lost 60bucks.!
I'm like wtf happened to me. I'm really unlucky yesterday. Sigh! FTW!
It's okay. I won't be gambling by following my feelings anymore. Once you're addicted to win You'll never give up or stop!
Having a million friends isn't a miracle. The miracle is to have ONE friend who'll stand by you when millions are against you.
The only way you will actually do something is if you stop talking about it and just DO it. Plan without action is nothing! Wake up Arthur! Stop hanging out here and there till late night and live a vampire life.
Omg! I'm living a vampire life for like a wekk plus. Really bad for health and kills me!
There's never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat,i n a single flashing & throbbing moment. Appreciate if you found your love ones. Don't be so choosy!
Trust me. You'll live a better life. It's not bout looks and stuff but fate!
I'll wait for you BP.
If you really hate me and dun care bout me. Then I think I'll have to let go. I love you so much all these while and seems like you just ignoring it and giving excuses to yourself. I know you got problems now which you cant handle and not ready for relationships yet but I'll always wait and care for you. <3
Time to clean up myself and get ready!(;

Take care guys.!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dull New Year Eve.

Time really flies. Is like zoom then gone. Really had great moments and memories in 2010. Miss them much. Best thing is it's all about learning from past to set new things. Keep positive! Don't ever ever do something stupid! Take time to make decisions. Don't rush things up. Take it slowly.! (;
Someone who lives in the past, is missing on all the wonderful things in the present and future. Move on it's 2011! ;)
So yeah. Let's move on and deal with life! This is what life all about. Facing challenges making tough decisions. You must be wise in making any decisions. (;
Don't ever ever step into the wrong steps. This three years will be the moment for me to succeed in my future. I will strongly motivate myself and give it all to do all my best for my studies. (;
Bye Bye 2010. Hellooooo 2011. I regret treating my parents and my family like strangers last time!
I'll always love them and be there if they need me.
I'm so so sorry. Happy New Year world.!
Well, Spent a great time poker-in with Kenneth, Alex and Tenson!
Never expect that we ended up playing poker on new year eve. LOL.
We spent like 8 hours playing poker and went for Dim Sum. MmmM. Yummy. Dam delicious! (;
Slept at bout 10 and was sleeping like a dead pig. Woke up and went on facebook and chat with few of my friends and here I am blogging again. Argh, I feel so lazy to blog, but I'm addicted to it -.-
Well My brain's stonning now cant think of anything to blog about so...

Ciao! ILYBP. Sigh.


Happy Birthday CM! (;

Happy 18 Birthday Cm!It's the first birthday we celebrated your birthday. Although we had some arguements last time, I wanna say sorry! Well well, why do you have to celebrate your birthday in MOS?-.- It's quite fun that night though. (:
Thanks for making it happening that night. You! never entertain us or drink with us. So sad. ):
Sorry that my friend make you drunk or puke that night. =D
Hehe. Thanks for inviting us to your party! Had fun that night! Take care CM.! All the best in your future!
Well, let's start with Sean. Drunken ass, get high so easily. Talk big number one. Thought you wanted to get some chicks home that night?What happened huh?=D
We danced, drank and party-ed all night! Damn! There's various of crowds there. I don't know why nowadays MOS is full with malays. -.-
I thought they cant drink? Who cares. "MALAYSIA BOLEH!" Kononnya.-.-
LOL! We were BOOM BOOM POW-in the dance floor! Hell yeah! There's people battled on the dancefloor with their hip-hop moves and stuff. It was Cool! Yeah! That's the way we rock the club.
The freaking DJ was awesome too. (:
Best DJ so far for me. But I got no idea what's his name is. Lame!
We had fun that night! Thanks to me! Opps. It's CM!
Had a great time with you and your friends! They were friendly!

When I got home that night I couldn't sleep. Was stonning on the bed. Thinking bout her and what we've been through. I was drunk and that feelings is like thousands of needles poking through your heart. I was rolling, crying and hugging my lovely soft toy. Sigh. I really hope we were still friends. It's okay! I still got hopes on you! (;